Thursday, September 4, 2008

25% down....

YAY! 10 weeks down, around 30 to go! Of course with two it'll most likely be less than 30, but I'm going to go as long as possible! Weight gain is up almost 2 lbs. now :) I don't know how I haven't gained more with how much I've been eating! I really haven't thrown up that much at all either. Look at my belly!! (excuse the weird look on my face... concentrating on holding the camera still!) I can't hide it anymore. Of course not too many people have asked me if I'm pregnant, I usually get women at church who say something like "So... how are you feeling?" You can tell they want to ask if I'm pregnant, but of course are afraid of offending me if I'm not :) Today I'll be scheduling our Nuchal Translucency ultrasound at a really great hospital here. I'm excited to get so many ultrasounds! I'm hoping with twins that my OB will do a lot more than the 2-3 that I got with R... and we got more than normal with her because they thought we had a problem with low fluid. Also more BIG news! I SWEAR I felt the first little flutters of movement yesterday. If I held really still at my desk and stared at my belly I could even SEE them! Some felt like muscle twitches at first (can your uterus twitch??) but then I felt the distinct "popping" I remember feeling with R! The best way I can describe it is that it feels like a popcorn kernel popping open while under a pillow... weird, I know... but seriously that's the only way I can think of describing it. I'm going to try to catch it on video for M&D. I don't know if I just got lucky and one of the babies was close to the front of my uterus (which is larger than a grapefruit now, babies are about the size of golf balls, in case you were wondering!) and it was easier to feel, or if one was just really active... either way I know no one believes me that I really felt it, but I KNOW I did :)
R LOVES LOVES LOVES preschool! She just acts like it's not even a big deal... she just takes it in stride! I forgot to download the pics of her on her first day, but I will try to tomorrow. P's back to school night went ok. The teacher gave us a better understanding about what to expect as far as homework goes... which is nice, but at the same time we shouldn't need to check on a 9 year old... if he says his homework is done, he's the one responsible for making sure it is.. not us! As far as the talking in class goes, Mr. L said P is not his worst student (doesn't make me feel any better), and that P just needs to learn to stop procrastinating... since he has until the end of the week to turn in late work he thinks he can talk in class during work time and then do the homework later... Mr. L had no advice on how to teach him that though... so basically we aren't any better off. I want to be completely hard on him (ie: take him out of school for a week and let me home school him, no sports, no fun, lots of chores), but S doesn't... it's so hard not to just throw my hands up in defeat.... my 3 yr old knows not to talk in class!! Why can't a 9 yr old do that??? UGH!! Ok...done with my rant now :)
Teaching Kids Club tonight! Last week we had a new little boy (Tommy) who I believe is Autistic, but I don't think the parents have had him officially tested. It was challenging, but even more rewarding when I could tell he enjoyed (and was focusing on) the crafts we did. During song and story time I pretty much spent the whole time trying to physically stop him from pushing or pinching other kids. Luckily the older kids are used to being pushed a little, so it didn't phase them too much, but I still can't let him just run around doing that... Off to go search the Internet on tips for helping him! Hopefully tonight will be a little easier.

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