Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! 2 updates in 1 week...

I must be on a roll! haha! So yesterday was a fun-filled day! I had my regular OB appointment, where I found out I gained a whopping 6 lbs. in 2 weeks!! YIKES!! He wasn't worried about it since I had so much trouble gaining in the beginning, but it was definitely a shocker to me. I can tell I'm starting to gain the extra water weight like I did with R towards the end of my pregnancy with her... so I know that will come off easy after these little ones are born. Both babies looked great on the ultrasound. Baby "A", the girl, is now breech, so apparently they have plenty of room in there still to flip around. Both heartbeats were nice and strong, and both have plenty of fluid... I'm beginning to feel like a broken record... So no real pregnancy news except to confirm that I'm having a nice, boring, healthy twin pregnancy!!

We added another member to our little family last night!! We got a 12 week old yorkie!! His registered name will be Rockin' Rusty, but we're just going to call him Rusty :) Our other yorkie, (Chewbacca), already gets along great with him, and he was sharing his toys (a big deal for Chewy!) within the first 10 minutes!! So now I have an activity (house-training, & basic training) to do while I'm off work! Here's a pic of my little handsome guy:

We hadn't been planning on a new puppy, but we just came across a deal that we couldn't pass up, and we're thinking about breeding him with our friends female yorkies (when they all get old enough of course) that he just bought about a month ago... Not to mention it's nice for Chewy to have a friend, and me being home soon will make house-training so much easier!

Anyways, I better get back to work... Down to single-digit days here, so I gotta get this stack of work off my desk!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

No more excuses...

I'm just plain lazy! It's been another 3 (or 4?) weeks with no "exciting" news to report... like I've said before, I'm not complaining... uneventful healthy pregnancies are WONDERFUL! I just feel like people expect something more from me since twin pregnancies seem to have a stigma about them or something. When someone at work or church asks me the infamous "How are you feeling?!" and I say "Good! Just tired!" they actually seem let down or something! What do they want me to say? "I'm miserable, thanks for asking!" I'd hope no one really wants me to be miserable, but I definitely get the impression that most people expect that. I am really looking forward to being off work though (did I already say I'm rather lazy lately?). I feel like I could physically keep working, but I really feel like I need to be off more for my family's sake. I've noticed that my patience is MUCH shorter after work, and I feel bad that my family (mostly my wonderful 3 year old) has to see the bad side of Mommy. The nights when S is working, and I'm home by myself with R after working all day are particularly hard. If I hear, "Mommy can you help me please?" and "Mommy I'm hungry" and "Mommy I need..." too many times in one hour I'm likely to turn into a big, green, angry monster! I know that realistically she is not being a bad kid, and she is super polite, and independent for her age, but after working 9 hours, all I want to do is sit on the couch in peace for more than 5 minutes before hearing another "Mommy!" from across the house... I'm hoping that taking work out of the equation will bring back some of my patience, and help me make it through the rest of this pregnancy without making my family fear for their lives if they need my lazy butt to get off the couch! Anyways, other than that, I think everything is going wonderfully! At our 28/29 week growth-scan both babies looked wonderful. The boy was estimated to be 2 lbs. 15 oz, and the girl was 3 lbs. even. Fluid levels, heart rates, and all the other measurements were right on target (if not a little ahead) for their gestational age. My cervix was also measuring at well over 3 cms, which made my OB remark that he thinks my cervix is made of steel, and that these two won't be making their appearance any time soon (YAY!). My belly measured at "over 40 weeks" as he said... I didn't ask how many exactly, since I really don't care to know how large I am at this point. All I care is that these babies come out nice and big and healthy! I know I've gained at least 30 lbs. too, but not a stretch mark in sight (yet!). Hopefully it stays that way, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't either... I'd be way too lucky to have an uneventful twin pregnancy and to walk away without a single stretch mark, so I'm not holding my breath! Ok, so I've written a novel now... Here's our belly pic from 30 weeks:

Monday, December 29, 2008

Busy Holidays...

So I just realized I haven't really updated in like 3 weeks! I'm such a horrible blogger! I guess there's just not much to post about. Things are staying uneventful, and boring (like any healthy pregnancy should!). The holidays really wore me out though. Even though we didn't really do anything big for Christmas I still spent the next few days on the couch! I definitely physically feel much further along. I already have the bad ligament pain... ya know the one right on your pubic bone that you so desperately just want to grab when the pain strikes, but you can't because it's not appropriate to grab your privates in public. At our 24 week appointment I was measuring 33 weeks, so I'm sure it's only going to get worse from here. I also started producing colostorum over the weekend (big sarcastic YAY). Not looking forward to dealing with the leaking for the next 10-14 weeks, but hopefully that means my supply will be good again. I'd love to pump for these two if my IP's want it... or maybe pump for another baby if they don't. Here's our 26 week pic... sorry it's so dark!

On the home front, Christmas was great. We managed to have an "electronic free" Christmas. Only one gift we bought for the kids requires batteries, and it was electronic battleship for our Family Game Night. So at least it's still a game we can all play. R LOVES her doll house, and P loves his basketball hoop (even though it's not set up yet. S really likes his new bible and football inspired cover that I made for it. He got me a new cross necklace, and a new willow tree figurine (Love it!) We were also able to avoid going to his family's x-mas party for once which was nice. We finished up our Christmas morning with our kids, took P to his mom's house, and then we took a nap until about 11 am when we made the 1/4 block trip to my mom's house. S went to work around 1 and R and I just hung out there all day/evening with my family that came to visit. Not sure what our plans are for New Years. S has New Years Eve off, and I have New Years day off, but we'll have the kids, so I doubt we'll be going to a party or anything. My New Years Resolution (the first one I'm making in YEARS!) is going to be to work on my patience with the kids, and also I want to make it a goal to spend 20 minutes a night reading by myself. I love/miss reading so much, but I just don't seem to make time for it anymore.

Well, I better get some work done around here. Maybe I should also make a resolution to blog more :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our temporary Christmas Card...

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23 Weeks...

And still nothing too exciting to report! I feel like I'm getting bigger every day, and the babies are moving around like CRAZY! M is going to come spend the day with me on the 12th, so that will be lots of fun. I can't wait to show her around our little town :) I'm almost done Christmas shopping. I just need to find a gift for our parents, and then make the gifts we're giving out to family & friends. I'm so glad we are scaling down the amount of gifts this year to try and get back to the REAL meaning of Christmas. We also made a rule that none of the kids' gifts could be electronic... that was hard! EVERYTHING seems to be so geared towards video games, TV, or downloading music lately. We bought R a basic dollhouse with furniture, and P is getting a basketball hoop & new ball. For their joint gift from "SANTA" I'm filling a big box with Family Night stuff... new board games, puzzles, a pop-corn maker, and stuff like that. I hope they like it! S and I have a $25 limit on our gifts for each other. I got him a men's devotional Bible, and I'm making a cover for it that will (hopefully) look like it's made out of a football! We'll see how it turns out. I have no clue what he's getting me. I'm secretly hoping that he just gets me a gift certificate for a pedicure or a gift card to Joann's fabric! haha! I don't care if it's not sentimental.

Monday, November 24, 2008

21.5 weeks...

and nothing really exciting to report unfortunately! Of course that's a good thing :) My appointment last Wednesday went well, blood pressure was fine, weight gain has improved, and both babies looked good on the quick ultrasound. Couldn't really ask for more!!

Some friends from church had their baby a little over a week ago. She was born early and has been in the NICU, hopefully she'll be released this week. What an awesome thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving huh? Here's a pic of a Bib I made her over the weekend. I hand-embroidered the little details on the cat's face :) It was my first try... came out a little crooked, but hopefully no one will notice. I also made a onesie and some booties to match.

In other news, M&D are going to be coming down around Dec. 11th!! YAY!! I can't wait to hang out with them and show them around our town. They might choose to do a 3d ultrasound while they are here, so that would be exciting!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

20 weeks!!

We made it!! The lovely half-way mark! Here's a pic of my ever-expanding waistline:

And just so we can compare... here is one from right after our first ultrasound confirming we had twins (around 6.5 weeks or so)

Quite the difference huh? I'm excited, but a little nervous to see just how much this belly can expand over the next 20 weeks to come!!