Monday, December 29, 2008

Busy Holidays...

So I just realized I haven't really updated in like 3 weeks! I'm such a horrible blogger! I guess there's just not much to post about. Things are staying uneventful, and boring (like any healthy pregnancy should!). The holidays really wore me out though. Even though we didn't really do anything big for Christmas I still spent the next few days on the couch! I definitely physically feel much further along. I already have the bad ligament pain... ya know the one right on your pubic bone that you so desperately just want to grab when the pain strikes, but you can't because it's not appropriate to grab your privates in public. At our 24 week appointment I was measuring 33 weeks, so I'm sure it's only going to get worse from here. I also started producing colostorum over the weekend (big sarcastic YAY). Not looking forward to dealing with the leaking for the next 10-14 weeks, but hopefully that means my supply will be good again. I'd love to pump for these two if my IP's want it... or maybe pump for another baby if they don't. Here's our 26 week pic... sorry it's so dark!

On the home front, Christmas was great. We managed to have an "electronic free" Christmas. Only one gift we bought for the kids requires batteries, and it was electronic battleship for our Family Game Night. So at least it's still a game we can all play. R LOVES her doll house, and P loves his basketball hoop (even though it's not set up yet. S really likes his new bible and football inspired cover that I made for it. He got me a new cross necklace, and a new willow tree figurine (Love it!) We were also able to avoid going to his family's x-mas party for once which was nice. We finished up our Christmas morning with our kids, took P to his mom's house, and then we took a nap until about 11 am when we made the 1/4 block trip to my mom's house. S went to work around 1 and R and I just hung out there all day/evening with my family that came to visit. Not sure what our plans are for New Years. S has New Years Eve off, and I have New Years day off, but we'll have the kids, so I doubt we'll be going to a party or anything. My New Years Resolution (the first one I'm making in YEARS!) is going to be to work on my patience with the kids, and also I want to make it a goal to spend 20 minutes a night reading by myself. I love/miss reading so much, but I just don't seem to make time for it anymore.

Well, I better get some work done around here. Maybe I should also make a resolution to blog more :)

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Heather Rodriguez said...

You crack me up! I am loving (NOT!) that round ligament pain too.