Monday, January 26, 2009

No more excuses...

I'm just plain lazy! It's been another 3 (or 4?) weeks with no "exciting" news to report... like I've said before, I'm not complaining... uneventful healthy pregnancies are WONDERFUL! I just feel like people expect something more from me since twin pregnancies seem to have a stigma about them or something. When someone at work or church asks me the infamous "How are you feeling?!" and I say "Good! Just tired!" they actually seem let down or something! What do they want me to say? "I'm miserable, thanks for asking!" I'd hope no one really wants me to be miserable, but I definitely get the impression that most people expect that. I am really looking forward to being off work though (did I already say I'm rather lazy lately?). I feel like I could physically keep working, but I really feel like I need to be off more for my family's sake. I've noticed that my patience is MUCH shorter after work, and I feel bad that my family (mostly my wonderful 3 year old) has to see the bad side of Mommy. The nights when S is working, and I'm home by myself with R after working all day are particularly hard. If I hear, "Mommy can you help me please?" and "Mommy I'm hungry" and "Mommy I need..." too many times in one hour I'm likely to turn into a big, green, angry monster! I know that realistically she is not being a bad kid, and she is super polite, and independent for her age, but after working 9 hours, all I want to do is sit on the couch in peace for more than 5 minutes before hearing another "Mommy!" from across the house... I'm hoping that taking work out of the equation will bring back some of my patience, and help me make it through the rest of this pregnancy without making my family fear for their lives if they need my lazy butt to get off the couch! Anyways, other than that, I think everything is going wonderfully! At our 28/29 week growth-scan both babies looked wonderful. The boy was estimated to be 2 lbs. 15 oz, and the girl was 3 lbs. even. Fluid levels, heart rates, and all the other measurements were right on target (if not a little ahead) for their gestational age. My cervix was also measuring at well over 3 cms, which made my OB remark that he thinks my cervix is made of steel, and that these two won't be making their appearance any time soon (YAY!). My belly measured at "over 40 weeks" as he said... I didn't ask how many exactly, since I really don't care to know how large I am at this point. All I care is that these babies come out nice and big and healthy! I know I've gained at least 30 lbs. too, but not a stretch mark in sight (yet!). Hopefully it stays that way, but I won't be surprised if it doesn't either... I'd be way too lucky to have an uneventful twin pregnancy and to walk away without a single stretch mark, so I'm not holding my breath! Ok, so I've written a novel now... Here's our belly pic from 30 weeks:

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