Monday, October 20, 2008

Yes I'm a slacker...

It's true, there's no denying it... I am a horrible slacker when it comes to keeping this updated! So here's some quick updates:

- Currently 16 weeks 4 days along, and feeling pretty good! Weight gain isn't as much as we'd like it to be, but my OB isn't concerned at this point, so I'm still eating as much as I can to put the weight on!

-The "BIG" ultrasound is this Friday! WOO HOO!! Very exciting

-I got a 17 month old Colt this weekend! His name is Duke, and he's a grulla pain/QH cross. He's already had some ground work done, and is halter broke. He leads well, ties ok, bathes, and picks up his feet really well. It's so nice having a horse that is a "normal" size for once! The trip to pick him up was a little chaotic dealing with bad trailer lights, an old straight-load trailer, and a one-lane road for most of the way home... people don't like driving 55 mph behind a horse-trailer, and for some reason they tailgate, honk, and as they pass they'll even give you a dirty look... Uh, sorry for obeying the LAW!! They've obviously never pulled a trailer with live cargo before. We spent most of the weekend trying to get him adjusted to "ranch" life as he's never been around cows, chickens, barbed wire fencing, or even just out to pasture. He feels much more comfortable in the little calf-corral, but I can tell he's lonely and wants to be with the other horses too. I'm sure he'll get more comfortable onces he gets used to all the noises, and other animals... then being out in the pasture won't seem so daunting!

-S brought a kitten home from work last night. Another C.O. found 3 kittens in the prison trash compactor, and saved them! My husband is not normally a softy when it comes to saving animals, so imagine my surprise when he shows up with the cuddliest little grey (gray?) kitten! He even stopped on his way home to get some wet cat food, a toy, and a collar :) How cute is that?? He said the kitten wouldn't stop crying when he went to get out of the truck, so he slipped it inside the chest of his jumpsuit and took it inside the store with him!! Now I'm asking myself "who is this man and where is my husband?!"... The whole thing was completely unlike him, but I'm not complaining :) My dog loves it already, but my old grumpy cat could do without... so we'll see how it goes!

-Kids are both doing good in school. R is sounding out lots of words now, and she LOVES rhyming. P is mostly doing better with homework, but still forgets it some days. We've just decided to take away soccer practice on the days he doesn't finish his homework, or forgets to bring it home. We do it without rubbing it in, because I think he likes the negative attention... so this way he's still losing priveleges, but at the same time we aren't giving too much attention to any bad/less-than-ideal behavior.

Well that's about it! I'm off to eat lunch :)

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