Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow! 2 updates in 1 week...

I must be on a roll! haha! So yesterday was a fun-filled day! I had my regular OB appointment, where I found out I gained a whopping 6 lbs. in 2 weeks!! YIKES!! He wasn't worried about it since I had so much trouble gaining in the beginning, but it was definitely a shocker to me. I can tell I'm starting to gain the extra water weight like I did with R towards the end of my pregnancy with her... so I know that will come off easy after these little ones are born. Both babies looked great on the ultrasound. Baby "A", the girl, is now breech, so apparently they have plenty of room in there still to flip around. Both heartbeats were nice and strong, and both have plenty of fluid... I'm beginning to feel like a broken record... So no real pregnancy news except to confirm that I'm having a nice, boring, healthy twin pregnancy!!

We added another member to our little family last night!! We got a 12 week old yorkie!! His registered name will be Rockin' Rusty, but we're just going to call him Rusty :) Our other yorkie, (Chewbacca), already gets along great with him, and he was sharing his toys (a big deal for Chewy!) within the first 10 minutes!! So now I have an activity (house-training, & basic training) to do while I'm off work! Here's a pic of my little handsome guy:

We hadn't been planning on a new puppy, but we just came across a deal that we couldn't pass up, and we're thinking about breeding him with our friends female yorkies (when they all get old enough of course) that he just bought about a month ago... Not to mention it's nice for Chewy to have a friend, and me being home soon will make house-training so much easier!

Anyways, I better get back to work... Down to single-digit days here, so I gotta get this stack of work off my desk!!

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Heather Rodriguez said...

Very cute!! Let me know when you are done working and we will set a date for that SMO GTG.:)