Thursday, August 28, 2008

9 Weeks!

And hopefully close to 30 left to go! I know I'd probably be miserable carrying twins to 39 weeks, but if it means they'll be healthier, then I'll try my best to keep them in that long!

We had another beautiful ultrasound on Tuesday... at first the doctor scared us and said one was measuring quite a bit smaller than the other, but then he realized he had included what was left of the yolk sac in the measurement of the larger one. So they were really measuring very close in size (YAY!) M & D then took me shopping for some maternity clothes at A Pea in the Pod, and spent WAY too much money on me! I told them I get an allowance for that, but they really wanted me to have some nicer basic pieces that should last me through most of the pregnancy. I'm so spoiled! The pic to the left is of me in the dressing room... no that's not a real belly... just the fake pillow they have in there! I'll take another REAL belly pic and post again soon. None of my pre-preggo pants or shorts fit at all anymore! I'm currently using the rubber band trick to make my work pants last a little longer, and I did buy a pair of black maternity capris that I can wear to work. I'm definitely getting bigger much faster than I did with R... of course I guess that's expected... especially since there's two in there this time!
I'm going to send out an e-mail today, officially announcing the pregnancy to all of our family and friends that aren't close enough to know already. I'm going to set it up sort of like an FAQ thing... so hopefully I can answer most people's questions all at once to avoid repeat questions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't get any negative feedback from anyone! So far almost everyone I've told has been very supportive... one sister-in-law is nice about it, but will blatantly tell me "I don't know how you can just give a baby that you carried away"... I just tell her, "Well, they aren't mine to keep, and I knew that from the beginning!".
R had her first "practice day" of pre-school on Tuesday. S took her, and she had so much fun! She cried when they had to leave after 45 minutes or so. I think she'll do just fine on her first day :) My little girl is growing up so fast!! Her first real day is next Tuesday... I'm thinking about taking the afternoon off to go with him to drop her off, and then go sit at home and mope until its time to pick her up... I know I'll be an emotional wreck! I'm so sure that I'll take her first day much harder than she will!

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