Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pretty good weekend...

Church on Thursday night was fun. We talked to the kids about Creation, and how God made the earth and everything in it. We (the teachers) made a huge batch of playdough before hand, and gave the kids each a piece to color. So it wasn't nearly as messy as last week.

Friday was fun. We took R to gymnastics class, then sent her off to stay the night at my Grandparents ranch. I went and got my hair done, and then ran some errands. I met up with Denise and Andrea, went to a little pub close to our house and mingled (no worries... no alcoholic drinks for me!). I saw one of my best guy friends who I hadn't seen or talked to in like 6 years! It was so nice to catch up with him again. We were talking about how 7 years ago we made a promise that if neither of us were married by the time I turned 25, that we would get married. Just such a coincidence that we see each other again the week of my 25th birthday. He acted dissapointed that I was already married, but I know neither of us really meant it 7 years ago. We're great friends, but there's just no attraction there.

Saturday I hung out by Andrea's pool and got a little tan (ok more of a burn). It was nice to just relax kid-free. I can't wait until we get a pool someday. I know I could lay out on my patio, but it's just not the same. Saturday night I had some family drive down to my grandparents ranch to spend Father's Day with my grandpa. So I went out, visited with them, and then brought R home. Sunday R & I made S breakfast in bed (homemade belgian waffles & fresh fruit). Then we went to church & S went to work after.

Yesterday I started feeling kind of achy, but got a lot done at work. I felt like poop by the time I got home, and I feel even worse today. My glands in my neck are swollen, my sinuses hurt, my eyes burn, and I am running a pretty decent fever. Not to mention my period (finally!) started, so I'm super crampy. The only good thing about that is that we will be getting new dates by te end of the week! I go for more blood work tomorrow morning, and stay on the lupron (joy) until told otherwise. I truly feel like this is the cycle for us. It's going to work this time, no doubt about it :) So I'm thinking it'll be late July sometime... which means I'd be due in mid April if it's a singleton, a little before that if it's twins. That would be nice because the weather is wonderful here in April, so I wouldn't have to be pregnant during the summer! Anyways, I'm done rambling. I'll post some photos of the baby stuff I've been making for my friends shower later tonight if I'm feeling up to it :)

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