Sunday, July 20, 2008

2ww hell....

So I know I haven't written since the transfer... things have been crazy!! The whole transfer experience with M&D was amazing. We went to a lovely dinner together Monday night, then of course neither M, nor I could sleep well! We were to nervous/excited/giddy/emotional. We got up around 7, I showered and S went and grabbed me some food. M&D had bought be a super cute Juicy Coture sweat suit to wear to the appointment, so I was stylin! We had to wait for about an hour since the RE was running a little behind. We wound up transferring 2 5-day blasts. The RE said they were a little "slow-growing", but nothing to be too concerned about. Then the whole rest of the day and all day Wednesday I had 3 people pampering me! They brought me as much as I could eat, and whatever I wanted at any time. Wednesday they even called the front desk for a wheel chair so they could wheel me out to relax by the pool. I appreciated that so much! It was so nice to just relax, chit-chat with them, and get caught up on some reading. I hated to leave them on Thursday morning, but I was also ready to get home and see the kids. So now, here I sit in the dreaded 2ww.... it's 11:30 and I can't sleep, but I was so tired earlier I almost fell asleep while on a walk after dinner! I hope this is a good sign... I've also been having lots of cramping since the transfer (which didn't happen last time), and my boobies are soooooooo sore! I'm truly hoping for (and anticipating!) a beautiful BFP when I test tomorrow morning... maybe that's why I can't sleep... my brain must think that if I just stay up a few more hours I can test again!

Anyways, on the home front, things are going good, but P is baffling me... Ever since school got out, he has been complaining "I can't sleep" a million times a night. My first response to that is, "well, getting out of bed to tell me that obviously won't help". He's almost 9, and has never had a problem sleeping before, so I can't figure out what is wrong. I thought maybe he wasn't getting enough physical exercise like he was at school, so we drastically cut his tv/video game time and encourage him to play outside as much as possible, along with not letting him sleep in (which my husband despises, because that means he can't sleep in either when I work during the week). We also started going for long walks after dinner when it starts to cool off. This worked 1 night... the last 2 nights he's been at it again. Last night I finally told him "If you get out of bed one more time, you are losing all your priveleges for tomorrow".... sure enough, he was up 15 minutes later! UGH!! He's not sick, not complaining of bad dreams, not sleep walking, not going to the bathroom, just saying he can't sleep. So he lost his 30 minutes of tv/video/computer time, no candy, no dessert, no friends. He didn't really complain all day, and had actually been a big help around the house, so at dinner time I told him "if you finish everything on your plate, I'll let you have a couple cookies for dessert". I really wasn't expecting him to do it since he's so picky, but he got so close!! The only thing he didn't eat was like 4 grapes (yes, I have an 8-year old who doesn't like grapes!). He had eaten most of them, and said he liked them, but "CHOSE" not to finish. He even said "I just don't want to eat them". So he excused himself from the table, and cleared his plate, and went and pouted in the den. We just ignore his pouting, so then 5 minutes pass, and he comes into the kitchen, grabs his plate with the 4 grapes and goes to sit back at the table! I told him "No way... you know the rules, when you excuse yourself, you're finished." So then he throws a huge fit and goes stomping off to his room. I just let him throw his fit in his room, didn't give him attention for it... and soon he was back to normal, but then the whole "I can't sleep" thing started up again. I heard him open his bedroom door, but he never came down the hall, so I looked in his room, and he's just standing there... I said, "What are you doing?" he says "Nothing. I just got up. I can't sleep", and I replied with, "Well of course you can't... You're standing up!" So he climbs back in bed and I remind him he just lost all his priveleges for tomorrow (now today... I saved this, went to bed, and it's now MONDAY!). So we'll see how tonight goes. I think sometimes he just pulls these stunts to make me take away his priveleges in hopes that someone will feel sorry for him. I make sure to do it in a calm way, no yelling, no dramatics.... just tell him the consequences before he goes to bed, and follow through with what I say when he breaks the rules.

ANYWAYS.... (sorry for the long post... it's spanning 2 days now!) This morning I got 2 very faint BFP's!! I'm sooooooooooooooo excited!! M&D are too of course.... now we just play the waiting game to see if they get darker tomorrow!! I might even have to sneak in another test tonight :) I'm almost in disbelief that I actually saw two lines! They are sooooo super faint, but S could see it, and M could see them on a camera phone pic, so I know I'm not imagining it! I just hope they are true positives... then I get to hope for a positive beta, then a healthy pregnancy, then an easy birth, etc etc etc...

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Jenifer said...

Congrats on the BFP!!!!

YAY for you and your IP's!

As for the sleeping thing..... maybe he truly is just having a hard time sleeping. I would maybe call the pediatrician. I'd be a bit concerned. If taking away privleges and punishing him is not working, maybe he truly can't help it. Then punishing him will just make him more nervous about it which will in turn compound the problem.