Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Craziness begins...

SO... my beta came back at 92!!! WOOO HOOO!! Here are comparable beta's from other Surro's at 8dp5dt like mine was taken at:
Singleton: 10, 18, 21, 31, 33, 50, 58.4, 62, 82, 126
Twins: 52, 63, 64, 80.9, 84, 86, 89, 147, 227, 236, 249, 263, 284

Sooooo.... who knows? It's on the high side for a singleton, but middle of the road for twins... we'll have a better idea tomorrow when we re-draw and see the doubling rate. I'm leaning towards twins though just considering the fact that it should double every 48hours.... Here's my math working backwards:
Singleton: Wed: 92, Mon: 46, Sat: 23, Thurs: 11.5
Twins: Wed: 92, Mon: 23, Sat: 11.5

The reason I'm leaning towards twins is the tests I was taking have shown to pic up levels as low as 20, and I got a negative Sunday morning (which in the singleton scenario by level would have been closer to 30 at that point). The twins scenario matches more closely with the time I got my first BFP. So we'll see what tomorrow's results show! I'm so excited! M&D are over the moon of course, and I couldn't be happier for them.

On the home front, P's sleeping issues are still a mystery. Called and spoke with his Pediatrician per the idea a kind poster gave me on here, and she said to do what I've already tried (exercise). When I told her this, she started asking things like "well is he having bad dreams?" Nope. "Is he sick?" Nope. "Have there been any major changes in his routine?" Nope. "Well just give it time. I bet he'll sleep better when school starts up. That always tires them out." Ugh, great... I have now given the summer of 2008 a name "The Sleepless Summer". My worst pregnancy symptom so far has been restless nights, mainly because I always sweat alot when preggo, which is very uncomfortable when it barely gets below 70 degrees at night here. So between my night-sweats, and P's waking up, I'm in a constant state of half-sleep. I must say though, right when I get frustrated with him, he always does something so innocent and cute (and not on purpose) to make me realize that I am helping to raise a great kid... Saturday he wanted to draw S a picture and mail it to him (yes, we do live in the same house... he just like mailing people things). So I let him, he wrote our address on the envelope and we walked to the mailbox. Well, we got the letter back yesterday after P had already gone back to his mom's house. On one side of the paper he had drawn our family as stick figures. On the back is a letter to his Dad about how he prayed that I could be pregnant, and how he prayed to keep dad safe at work :::tears::: I'll add a picture later, but it was just the sweetest thing! It reminds me that even though I can get frustrated with the minor things he has issues with (food, sleeping, & whining basically) that he really is an awesome kid and his little heart is just so big.

ok... enough from me today... I'm teaching all by myself at Church tonight!! Wish me luck with 18 pre-schoolers!!!

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Jenifer said...

18 pre-schoolers HOLY MOLY!

Good luck...

If nothing seems to be working and he is really just having a hard time sleeping..... he's not sick, not scared, etc. have you thought of maybe a little Benadryl?

I know some people are outright against medications unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary... but Benadryl has been used as a sleep aid in children and I am pretty sure it is a really safe med. It might be worth a shot... then if it works and he catches up on some sleep he has been missing you could wean him off it and he might have gotten back in a good routine by then....

Just a thought.

CONGRATS on the beta! I can't wait to see if there is one or two in there!