Friday, July 25, 2008


So 317 is our Beta on 10dp5dt! Doubling time is about 27 hours at this point! 3/17 is St. Patricks day (M is VERY Irish). 317 is also the area code of the area where D lived while attending Purdue university. And the last wierd coincidence? On 3/17/2009, I would be 37 weeks pregnant, which is around the time Twins usually make their appearance. Wouldn't that be totally cool??

So here is why I'm thinking Twins:
Ok... just pulling info from For 'day 15' which is equivalent to 10 days past a 5 day transfer:
24% of Singleton Pregnancys had a Beta of 282 and above (76% were lower than 282)
63% of Twin Pregnancys had a Beta between 238 and 588 (16% were higher than 588, 21% were lower than 238)

5% of Singleton Pregnancys had a doubling time of 27 hours or less (with a Beta between 256 & 512, 95% doubled in more than 27 hours)
15% of Twin Pregnancys had a doubling time of 32 hours or less (with a Beta between 256 & 512, 85% doubled in more than 32 hours)

So... we are even doubling fast for twins according to this website !! (I have no clue how accurate the site is though) But, I'm feeling pretty confident that regardless of how many we have in there... they are definitely healthy, and personally, I think that is the most important thing.

Ok ok... enough about pregnancy & analyzing numbers, right??? So last night was very fun! The kids were very good for the most part, but I NEVER EVER want to have that many pre-schoolers to myself EVER again. Today I'm supposed to go to a book club meeting, but I'm ditching it. Yeah, bad me... but I just don't feel like myself today, and my head is in the clouds thinking about having a possible twin pregnancy. I just don't think I could sit there, control my nausea, and talk about a book I didn't read completely... and the parts I did, I didn't really like anyways! Ya know... maybe I should go, just to try to get my mind off of babies!! Anyways... I'm off to take a bath now and relax a little...

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Can't wait to see how many are in there? When will you find out???