Wednesday, July 9, 2008

On our way...

Well time is flying by now!! I've been poked and prodded too many times by doctors already this week. To sum things up, I had a monitoring appt. monday morning and my regular RE down in LA didn't like the results, so he wanted to see me ASAP to "look at things himself". So 2 sleepy kids, and a 3.5 hour drive later I arrived at his office by 8:30 am yesterday morning. He thinks things look decent, and we are all set for a transfer in a week or less!! WOOO HOOOO!! I just wish my body would start fully cooperating instead of making everyone second-guess what's going on. So we should find out Friday if I need to drive down on Saturday, or Monday! YAY!! I'm really excited, and can't wait to see my IP's and hopefully get pregnant for them. It's almost frustrating knowing that they are only a few hours away, yet I can't see them for at least 3 days or more!! I'm starting the PIO in the morning, and hopefully will avoid the lumps and bumps like I was able to last cycle... I might even have to learn how to give myself shots! I already did the little Lupron ones, but I've never had to give myself the big IM shots in the hiney. I'm sure it can't be that bad though!!

So with everything that has gone on lately, I feel like I have been neglecting my "time with God" that I used to have every night before bed. Lately I've just been staying up so late trying to get things done, and the meds are making me exhausted, that it takes all of my will power to stay awake while sitting at the dinner table! Is it bad that the only time I've made for Him lately has been during my morning showers? I know that sounds wierd, but seriously, that's the only time I've found that I can just tune out everything else (kids, husband, chores, phone, etc) and just have my little "talk" with him. I know I need to make more time for Him, and "it's hard to find the time" isn't a good excuse, but it has been for me lately. I'm going to try to work harder on it, but I guess for now my shower talks are better than no talks, right?!

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Jenifer said...

Congrats on your upcoming transfer!!