Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

A new development overnight (well it seems that way at least!) R now has some tiny freckles!! Sorry the orientation is goofy... I can't get the uploader to cooperate with me right now... will try to fix it later. Can you see the little tiny freckles around her eye though?? I swear they weren't there yesterday! I knew with her complexion she'd be getting them eventually, but they still caught me by surprise. Just more evidence that my little girl is growing up.
Well the egg donor had her appointment yesterday, her estrogen levels & follicle count were a little on the low side, but the appointment was scheduled a little earlier than it normally would be due to the holiday weekend. They are going to repeat the ultrasound and blood work on Sunday & then we should have a better idea of when the retrieval and transfer will be. I'm getting so excited! I just have this calm, yet nervous feeling that everything is going to work beautifully this time. I've even had 2 dreams about being pregnant with twins!! That would be a cool experience... hard in it's own way, but definitely not something most people can say that they've done. So we're hoping for great news on sunday, and then great news on monday after my appointments! I really want this to go smoothly for M&D, especially since I've already caused them to have a minor set-back... yeah I know it was out of my control, but I don't want to cause anymore!!
R & I are going to go get ready to BBQ at Andrea's house in a bit... hopefully get in the pool for awhile, and maybe watch the neighbors do some fireworks. We didn't buy any this year since S is working and R is scared of them. It would be nice to see some though... Well, off to find my daughter... she just yelled "look at me mom!"... hmm... that usually means she's done something crazy...

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